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We are SovWare

We’re the people behind Directorist, wpWax, jsNorm, and more. Thousands of
users have been successfully using our products over the years. We believe in
making everyone’s life easier by creating a wonderful user experience among our

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DashboardMarket is the dedicated template market for admin dashboard templates. With a wide selection of templates built with the latest technologies like React, Vue, Svelte, Laravel, Node, Django etc; you will be able to find your desired templates from DashboardMarket. Plus, our team of experts will work with you to provide both the frontend and backend service that meets your specific needs.


wpWax is a dedicated marketplace for WordPress by
SovWare. Here, we develop and market versatile
WordPress products to enhance your web based
experiences. You’ll also get more insights, tips & tricks
about WordPress themes and plugins to accelerate your
WordPress journey.


jsNorm is a resource hub for JavaScript based products. You can get various JavaScript related products including VueJS, React, Laravel, Angular & Bootstrap based products. Moreover, jsNorm comprises different guides, tips, and tricks on JavaScript and its frameworks.


Directoirst is the fast-growing WordPress directory plugin.
This is a full fledged directory listing solution based on the
most popular CMS, WordPress. Using this product, you'll
get everything you need to make your
directory business successful.

What’s Coming Next!

We are constantly working on discovering new technologies to make human life better
and smoother. Let’s see what we’re packing for the future!



We're developing a dedicated JavaScript-based marketplace which has never been done before. You'll find several JavaScript-based exclusive solutions in the coming days.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Working with AI is one of our dreams. In 2021, we have planned to integrate AI systems with some of our existing products and we're really excited to make it possible for our users.


Brand New WP Products

We're planning to release some exciting brand new generic & niche based WordPress based products (plugins and themes) in the next few years to make people’s life easier than ever.