Sovware Year in Review 2021

SovWare Year in Review 2021- A Year of Establishment & Empowerment

Let’s retrospect! A few years back, we were nothing but a seed, but now we are a plant, yielding fruits. In 2021, the year was a challenge we overcame in the way exactly we wanted. Most importantly, the year 2021 has been a year of growth and success for the company. The Company has seen an exponential increase in revenue and overall growth with a growing number of 45.073%. This is due to the company’s new product launch, which brought a revolutionary change in revenue alone.

The company also continued to grow its customer base, with a 27% increase in customers over the course of the year. With these new customers came a lot of new opportunities for the company to expand its customer base even further. This is a great time to reflect on what SovWare was able to accomplish last year.

In this SovWare year in review 2021 blog, we will take a look at what happened in the past year and what is going on with the company in 2022. Let’s fall in folds. 

Ready to Reminisce in 2021?

Life isn’t a one-way go here. Last year wasn’t the year as human beings expect. The year was lighting fear and death around the world and brought inauspicious happenings into the lives of people. The world has seen itself burning, the businesses experienced a blindsiding collapse, and people found them out of jobs. Who was at the bottom of all these happenings? The simple answer is COVID, COVID, and COVID. 

For SovWare, 2021 is a mixture of pluses, and minuses as we can learn a lot this year. The idea of setting up a new well-decorated office in a commercial area was a kind of daydream but the dream eventually came into reality after a tight endeavor of our dynamic leader Mr. Masud Rana, CEO of SovWare. And, we walked through the thrones round the year with the heavy pace of duties and responsibilities. Let’s recap one of the most eventful years in SovWare. 

Remote working experience

In the first quarter of the year, the whole country got covered with a lockdown due to the outbreak of pandemics once again around the country. And, it had been visible for more than 1 month. The death toll rose and the whole country started to live with fear. While we, people started to work from home. Initially, we were so concerned about the productivity issue of the whole team. But despite some drawbacks regarding productivity issues, everything has been working smoothly from home. 

Developments and releases of different products

Over the year, our team has developed the products adding new features from different ends. Here is a glimpse. 

Rolling out exciting project on ERP & HRM

We’re happy to let you know that we have been developing another exclusive yet heavy project for ERP & HRM users. We started this project by serving our purposes earlier in 2019 and wanted to release it with full fledge in 2021. We tested and started using it on a trial basis for serving our own purposes. Later on, we stopped using it since we found something more to work on it. That’s why we decided to modify its database system, software architecture and make it more mature in the coming days.

Project with Admin Dashboard

Admin Dashboard is another niche that we have been sincerely working on. We have worked a lot with the project and released some of the experimental products based on ReactJS, VueJS, and Laravel under this project as well. But as a whole, we didn’t complete the process that we assumed earlier. Initially, we expected to release one of our major projects on it within 2021 but we couldn’t make it happen due to having other priorities. We’re very serious about it and 2022 could be the best year for this admin dashboard project.

Developments in Our Flagship Product, Directorist

SovWare is behind Directorist, wpWax, and, jsNorm. Our flagship product is Directorist which witnessed a number of developments last year. Here is how we went out with this product. 

i. Released the new Directorist 7.0

The version 7.0 release was a major update and introduced the brand new directory builder for enhanced control of the design and functionalities of your directory website’s webpages. We made a huge change by introducing some amazing major features with this version. It’s like the whole ecosystem of the plugin has been changed by altering the entire coding structure. Despite the major release of Directorist 7.0, it received an immediate backlash that we took most seriously. And we worked both day and night to fix the issues so that the new version becomes stable in the first place.

With this release, we also introduced the multi-directory feature which is a great way to turn your single niche directory website into a multi-niche directory website. For example, you may have built a directory website for automobiles but later, you can extend the niche with Automobile accessories. Cool, right?

ii. Made it Gutenberg compatible

The Gutenberg page editing experience is gaining much popularity these days. So apart from the integration of Elementor and Oxygen Page Builder, we have introduced 16 different Gutenberg blocks. The best part is that like Elementor widgets or Oxygen Page Builder components, you can create any kind of directory website page just by selecting the Gutenberg blocks.

iii. Developed the templating feature

The benefit of this feature is that when you customize a template file, you won’t have to make any changes to the core file. Usually, customizing your core file is lost when you get a new update. But this handy templating system will help you get rid of this problem like magic. However, this will require you to have a great amount of coding know-how or you may have to hire a developer to use this feature.

Assuming that you don’t have any coding know-how, how will you be benefited from it? The answer is you will be able to keep the changes of the customization even if you upgrade the core with the latest versions.

To know more about the Templating system of Directorist, you can read through the documentation from the official website of the plugin.

iv. Introduced the Directorist mobile app ( for iOS & android)

Not all mobile device users have desktops or laptops. So now is the time to reach billions of mobile users from around the world.  We developed an app that is available both for iOS and Android platforms. The fact is that no directory plugin in the industry doesn’t introduce an App that is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms.

Here are a few key features of the mobile app:

  • Instant Push Notifications
  • Contacting listing authors
  • Built-in contact form
  • Make the authors notified
  • Direct Phone Call
  • Get Direction

Learn more from the product landing page.

v. Listing CSV export/import with custom field

CSV Export/Import feature is a bare necessity of a directory tool. Unfortunately, Directorist was getting bombarded with criticisms on why it lacked it. And we feel so excited that we developed and added this feature to the core without any delay. To this end, you can even export or import using the custom field option.

vi. Updates & security

Plugin security is our major concern. We want users to feel safe and so we have strengthened the security of the plugin and improved the code structure’s quality. Not only did we ensure compatibility with newer WordPress versions but also made the tool absolutely impermeable for any hackers. It is safe to assume we are serious about vulnerabilities and will continue toiling hard to improve the plugin with future updates and security patches.

vii. Launched 7 niche-based Directorist themes

Up until 2020, we had only three themes in our list: One is the dList, another is the Directoria and the other is the dService. But we knew that they were not sufficient enough to cater to all of your different types of websites’ visual and functional needs.

That’s why we took your requirements seriously and developed 7 niche-based themes throughout the last half of the year. Here are those themes to look at:

  1. OneListing (Free)
  2. OneListing Pro (Premium)
  3. dLawyers (Premium)
  4. dDoctors (Premium)
  5. dRestaurant (Premium)
  6. dRealEstate (Premium)
  7. dPlace (Premium)
viii. Developed 6 brand new premium Directorist extensions

In 2021, Directorist introduced 6 paid extensions under the ecosystem of Directorist, the flagship product of wpWax. All these extensions are affordable and create even astounding value to bring the Directorist to the whole next level. The extensions are. 

If you want to get more info about our flagship product, Directorist, then here you can go Directorist Year in Review 2021.

Developments in Other Products

Our team wasn’t only stuck to one or two products. Instead, we worked on various products to the same extent as to Directorist. If you see at wpWax, a marketplace for WP themes and plugins. Here, you’ll find new features were added to our other products like  Legal Pages Pro, WooCommerce Product Carousel, Slider & Grid Ultimate Pro, Logo Showcase Ultimate Pro, WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Pro, and Post Grid, Slider & Carousel Ultimate Pro under the parasol of this marketplace.

Finally, you can gather more knowledge about the developments in our other products by reading out the wpWax Year in Review 2021.

Sponsorship on various programs

We always try to get ourselves involved in various programs with our best effort. And, the last year was no exception to that. In the last quarter of the year, we rationed out Football Jersey for Online Professional Sports Club(OPSC), and we were the Gold sponsor in the Freelancer Meet-Up program. 

Wait!!! That’s not the end. We stretched out our hands to the programs like the BITPA conference & COPA – 2022, but unfortunately, these programs didn’t happen just because of the worse condition of COVID-19 in the country.

Year-end official tour

Team SovWare is not all about work and product development. We believe in recreation to get back to yourself. Sometimes, you need to get recharged and take a deep breath of fresh air. In the last quarter of 2021, we went on an annual tour to recharge our efficiency and boost potency. It was a great year-end tour after months of painstaking hard work. 

Cricket tournament 

We love almost all games that keep body and mind fresh. But, when we talk about cricket, it gives us extra fuel of interest. Literally, we are united in our job but in cricket tournaments, we get divided. Last quarter of 2021, we arranged an intra-cricket tournament of 3 teams, a team owned by honorable CEO, a team by honorable COO, and the third team owned by honorable CTO. All games we played in the tournament were nothing less than fabulous. Each team was extremely competitive. Every moment of the tournament was so exciting. 

Annual prize-giving ceremony

On the eve of 2022, team SovWare witnessed the annual giving ceremony. There were 12 categories where almost all members of the team were nominated. Finally, 12 candidates came out to be victorious and were awarded with accolades. This ceremony put extra energy to the members, especially those who weren’t awarded, to make this year even more successful than the previous year with self and team development. 

New recruitments

In 2021, we have seen many changes in our company. We have seen our team grow from just a few people to around 30 employees. New additions to the marketing team, support team, theme team, and Dev team were set a landmark that elevated the company to a  whole new dimension. 

Other Activities We Did in 2021

Our last year was dramatically eventful – events that ranged from 100% remote work to moving to a brand new office, to participating in extracurricular activities like playing Cricket, Soccer, Table-Tennis, and whatnot. The brand new office ushered in new hopes and dreams deep in our souls. Here is a glimpse of our new office:

Game Room Vibe
Work Station

As you can see from below, we tried out best to play Soccer and ride bicycle marathons every weekend to keep our body and mind fit as hell :).

Cycling Expedition

We went through ups and downs but at the end of the day, everything turned out to be congenial to the growth of both our work-life and personal life. Here are what we did apart from our regular official activities:

  • Took the initiative to make our own gymnasium.
  • Done a number of bicycle tours to develop our stamina.
  • Visited a local resort evry now and then for a day-long tour.
  • Donated for the poor students so that they can complete their degrees.
  • Random sproting activities to gear up the spirit. Check out our sporting Facebook page to know more.

In the coming days, we’re expecting these types of activities will continue to boost the productivity of our members on a regular basis.

What We Didn’t Achieve in 2021

Undoubtedly SovWare drummed up many successful histories over the last year. Unfortunately, there were several “coming to nothing” type things we were going through around the year.  

But, it’s kind of true that the whole year was a groundbreaking year for the SovWare. We tried our best to make everything positive happen within the time frame but here are some unavoidable facts that we faced given in below:

  • We had to re-develop the major functionalities of the plugin from scratch since the multi-directory and the form builder will completely change the coding structure. We could have released it somehow to fill up the quarter but we wanted to provide the best solution for you guys.
  • We couldn’t release the WordPress products as we were highly optimistic about that. 
  • There was a month of lockdown and outbreak of Covid, therefore we couldn’t increase the productivity as much as we dreamt of. 
  • Since some features are interconnected to each other, we see one feature is not compatible with another. That’s why we needed to make them all compatible with each other which is taking more time than we anticipated!
  • We wanted to have a regular sporting activities but couldn’t make it happen completely as we expected.
  • Wanted to release HRM and EPR project in 2021 but didn’t work as we expected.

However, despite the ongoing situation, and shortcomings, we are trying very hard to accomplish what we couldn’t release in the past. Hopefully, these will completely be ready by the year of 2022. Again, we’re extremely sorry if we’re making you confused at any stage. Our aims and perspectives are pretty solid to make SovWare the best in the categories with many surprises. 

Looking Forward to 2022

Here‘s to switching ahead in 2021 with many surprising things before you. We will do some amazing things in 2022. These include

i. Launching more WP products

We will launch 2 distinctive WordPress plugins which bring amazing pictures before WordPress users. These plugins will come up with exclusive features that will help the users to elevate their business to a whole new level. Moreover, more WordPress directory themes will be coming simultaneously to brighten the capacity of your directory listing business.

ii. Development to scale up existing plugins

We know our limitations in scaling up our existing plugins since we didn’t have enough time to put on. Still, there is a lot to do with our existing plugins to make them unbeatable in the respective categories. In 2022, we will try to overcome those shortcomings to set the plugins with a whole new standard. More features will be added to them to make them even more interesting and user-friendly. 

iii. Introducing new marketplaces

SovWare is going to launch a new project of marketplace based on Frontend & Backend products. This will be an amazing addition to the arsenal of SovWare. What we can tell you is that we have already folded the primary stage of building this marketplace. And, within 2022, it will be visible to the community.

Another exciting and rare marketplace that we’re hoping to release within 2022. We’re not sharing this in detail for now. Hopefully, we’ll give the ultimate announcement about it in the last part of 2022.

iv. Contributing more than the previous years to the WordPress community 

We will be starting to attend WordCamp and talk to people in person. With the innovations, we will raise our helping hands to the development of the WordPress community. 

v. Fill up the gap in team management          

Managing a team especially when it is large in number, is challenging to some extent. Last year, we realized it. Not intentionally, we had some faults in managing the team exactly the way we wanted. In 2022, we are optimistic that we will mend all the holes that made our overall system somewhat disorganized.

vi. Regular sporting activities

We don’t believe in only work, rather we try to make everyone feel to enjoy working with us. To make this friendly environment we took different types of initiatives earlier. In 2022, one of our wishes is to continue our sporting activities on a regular basis. Initially, we choose Saturday as our weekly sporting day, and still, it’s going on but somehow we couldn’t continue it entirely as we expected. This time, in 2022, we’re expecting to make it possible on a priority basis.

vii. More contribution to the Community

in the previous year, we tried to contribute to the community through sponsoring various local meet-ups and conferences. We will continue this giving away on a regular basis. In 2022 and beyond, we’re expecting to excel our limit to the international community. Along with the local community, we want to sponsor different regional WordCamps, other international meet-ups, and conferences as well.

Valediction on SovWare Year in Review 

We hope that SovWare has had a successful year in 2021 and achieved almost all of its goals except chosen few. SovWare has grown exponentially, expanded its reach, and acceptance. At the end of 2021, the company’s board decided to invest heavily in developing new products and the marketplace. 

Moreover, in 2021, the company has been successful in achieving its vision and mission. It has grown from a small startup to a company with around 30 employees. The company’s employees have been helpful, cooperative, and supportive throughout the year. SovWare will expand its reach to different markets and continue to grow in the days to come. 

Finally, a bunch of thanks to all of the teammates, customers, well-wishers, and everyone who contributes to SovWare in one or the other way.

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